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About my digital art

The dimensions expressed in my gallery are the native resolution that the art pieces were built in.  It's only meant to inform.  It doesn't mean thats the only availability in sizing.  However, I have placed limitations on formats.  Please read further.

Prints are struck in one of two ways.

1) printed by me, at my studio using one the following paper stocks depending upon the art:

  • 22 x17 Epson Legacy Platine 

  • 22 x 17 and 13 x 19 Epson Premium Luster 

  • 13 x 19 Epson Barata 


2)  printed to Epson Premium Luster and laminated to Alupanel with a protective coating.  (aluminum panels and mounting hardware included)

  • sizes are variable but limited to the aspect ratio of the artwork. (see below) 


The nature of digital allows for various sizing if I build them with enough resolution.  Any of these pieces can be reduced to any size. The can also be blown up successfully, usually up to 2 times, and often more depending upon the viewing distance.  The technical aspects can be discussed and I can give you  better idea of what you can do if I understand what your requirements are.  Suffice it to say, these pieces can all be sized up or down within reason.  

I will always preserve the aspect ratio of my art.  Meaning if the piece is 30" x 15", it will always remain a 2:1 aspect ration.  Therefore it could be 15 x 7.5 or 60 x 30 or any variant on the same ratio.  


What I won't do is take that same 30 x 15 print and make it 30 x 20 for example.  That would make it 3:2 aspect ratio.  It changes the presentation and they are not built for that type of manipulation.  

See pricing page for specific details.

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