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Gary Harvey 


A little about me

In 2014 I was struck with a cancer that looked as thought it would be the end of a 25 year career as a television director and producer.  I lost my tongue to the disease and it appeared at the time that I would never speak again.

My number one tool in my career was about to be taken from me. However, through a series of fortunate events, at the last moment, like literally during surgery, my larynx was saved and my outcome was changed. 

While communication is still difficult, its not impossible.  

This is the reason I see the development in my fine art.  in 2017 I started looking into Photoshop and manipulating photographs into abstracts.  I had a one person show in the summer of 2018 showing my abstract photographic art works. By late fall of that year I had discarded the photograph as my source material and began working from a blank page. I was beginning to create entire worlds on a white digital canvass in a program I was teaching myself.  


I hadn't done anything resembling fine art since high school.  In life generally, did not draw or paint to speak of.  


A new world and a new form of expression had opened for me.  This is a form that excites me, inspires me, and has no end in sight for me.


Lessons I have earned over the years in film and television, in terms of framing and composition has had a huge effect on my art.  


I am thrilled to be sharing it with everyone today. 


I hope that you find my work as exciting and interesting as I do and that there is a piece that speaks to you in the same way it was speaking to me when I created it.  


Thank you for your interest and continued support of me an my developing work.


Gary Harvey