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Artists Proofs

These proofs are the first prints I am satisfied with.  These are the prints that make the basis for all the prints that follow.  These are signed, titled and marked AP/(version or stage)

These prints are the most time consuming and resource heavy aspect of the process.  But they are "the process" and the closest thing I have to an original.  They are always printed to 22 x 17 stock regardless of aspect ratio and also appear with an acrylic paint stamp under the digital signature. This stamp is meant to mark these as unique prints.   


All Proofs  $400.00 


Signed and numbered limited run prints.  Printed to either 19x13 or 22x17 stock. Digitally signed on the front. Print info plate, # and signature verso.  


(22x17) $150 

(19x13) $100


This process uses Epson Photo Premium Luster paper and is laminated onto an aluminum panel.  I generally finish these matte with a soft satin finish.  Alupanels can be cut to many sizes and pricing is largely  based upon size.  As a basic guide, consider $1.00 per square inch.  These are beautiful panels that clean with the wipe of a damp cloth, come with hanging hardware and include shipping or delivery.  

They have a 5/8 of an inch depth invisible frame  structure on the back, raising the print off the wall.  These are my preferred delivery formats for myself.  

Please enquire for specifics. 

Shipping or delivery is currently included in purchase for a limited time and may change without notice

All prices subject to GST and PST

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